Reading Trans Movement


Friendly Spaces

There are many expressly trans friendly places in Reading.

The following places in Reading are expressly trans friendly locations, which will not tolerate trans hostile language or behaviour from any patrons.

We are currently collecting other places and businesses to add to this list. If you believe you can speak on behalf of a local business and would like to be included, then please reach out.


Toilets are often a problem for the trans community, whether out of fear of being the victim of a hate crime, or not feeling that either traditionally presented toilet option aligns with their identity.

Often, we are forced to use disabled toilets for our safety, but many of these are restricted behind radar keys. The following locations have a gender neutral toilet.

We are currently collecting the locations of other gender neutral toilets to add to this list.


We are currently working on compiling a list of GPs and medical practices in the local area that are trans friendly and will support shared care plans and DIY treatment monitoring.