Reading Trans Movement

Join Us

We'd be delighted for you to join us and help out! As we do not have a legal entity, all you need to do to participate in Reading Trans Movement is:

You do not need to be trans or gender non-conforming to participate. Allies are not just welcome but are encouraged to participate: cis people clearly standing in solidarity with trans people has not been needed as much as it is now for a very long time.

The main place we organise is on a Discord server. Unfortunately due to hate raids we received after being mentioned by prominent trans genocide advocates, our Discord is not publicly accessible. You will need to find someone who is already on the Discord to vouch for and invite you. These people should be easy to find at any Reading Trans Movement event, and frequently members of our technology working group will publicly ask at such events if anyone would like to join.

On that topic, several working groups exist within Reading Trans Movement. These form the organisational heart of the movement. Each working group is able to determine it's own method of adding new members, if you would like to get involved in one of these then keep an eye out on the Discord (once you have access) for calls for participation.